The Farm

At O.MY our food philosophy comes from respect for the earth, for what we grow and our commitment to sustainability and minimal waste. We are passionate about growing and using fresh, seasonal produce and sourcing other ingredients required by the restaurant from local suppliers. Pickling, preserving and dehydrating excess fruit, vegetables, flowers and much more also ensure we have minimal waste.

We have established a large garden at a nearby farm to grow the produce for the restaurant and are passionate and dedicated to quality in our garden as well as our restaurant.

Farming has been on both sides of our family for several generations. We see farming as a beautiful challenge. It pushes us and makes us think differently. We need to plan six months to a year in advance to harvest enough for our restaurant.

The farm is located in Cardinia and is owned by a great friend of O.MY. Over the years on the 2.5 acre growing area, we have set up nearly 400 garden beds, an orchard of 50 fruit trees, a berry patch, beehives and many other perennials we use on the menu.

Working so close to nature and the seasons has inspired everyone at O.MY to create the best that we have available at any given time.