Seafood Box
Seafood Box

Seafood Box

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About a month ago we were contacted by the goodfish project to see if we could start working with some small scale seafood suppliers to help on sell their fresh fish. Because of so many restaurant closures and remodelling of businesses, it's important to try and support each other during these times.

Our priority is getting you the freshest product, which is why the seafood is caught or harvested on the Tuesday and Wednesday. This is a lot fresher than most other ways of purchasing seafood, seen as most seafood will go through multiple middlemen and be upwards of 4-5 days old already.

What's in the box?

We will give you a few tips and recipes of how to use this box at home, but we also encourage you to have fun and cook whatever you would like. We have included some good ways to store your fresh seafood and condiments.

Terms & Conditions

  • Return boxes and containers if possible.
  • Pickup on Thursday from 10am to 3pm. If you can't pickup during these times, please contact us at